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don't you worry child

Hello, my little snowflakes~
How are you all enjoying 2013 so far? Or did the cold winter froze you to death already? i know i will soon turn into a popsicle if winter doesn't end soon enough -_-

This is how i am trying to survive the cold winter evenings! A cup of favorite coffee in a company of favorite people~ 
so, 20 days of the new 2013 have passed and i must say, i am really enjoying 2013 so far~ idk i have this feeling that 2013 will be my year! 2012 was rather... not full of physical events, but it was full of emotional... struggle? i want to write 2012 rewind style post, but this will come a bit later, because i want to start this year updating my journal a bit more often, than one time per month -_- 

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smile because it is a wonderful life~!

Hello, my babies! Just posting this quickly in hopes this smily latte will draw a smile on your face these cold winter days~! Have a nice day!

Summer is only awesome in Ukraine.

Why hello there, dearies!
Merry belated Christmas greetings! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas dinner, found your favorite celebrities naked under your christmas trees, and are now all set up for New Year's celebrations! 
While my Christmas was spend rather... nice, my Christmas wish for Santa was that WINTER WOULD FREAKING END!! Sorry, thou i am not sorry, but i hate winter with all my deepest hatred -_- idk how you people can function when it is -15C (don't get me started when it is -30C) outside and you have to learn how to fly through all that snow, not to mention every step is like your last because it is so freaking slippery, that you have to make a step and literally pray that you will survive the next one. Don't get me even started on fashion during winter. You walk like a cabbage in 15 layers of clothes and 4 pairs of socks, so you don't freeze to death. Not to mention winter boots. I am a lady, not a big foot -_- No, thank you. I like it when it is warm, sunny, and you can actually take your phone and type something on it without being afraid that your fingers will fall off. anyways, back to the point: SANTA HAS GRANTED MY WISH!!! It's +2C right now~~~~~~ There is almost no snow left! You can actually go outside without being afraid that you will freeze in some corner and never come back home! HALLELUYAH!!! 

What was i saying? Ah, i hate winter. The only thing that keeps me sane during winter is the thoughts that summer will come soon~! Summer is glorious, but once you spent a summer in Ukraine, then you start viewing summer in a totally different light. While Ukraine is not the most economically developed country, nor has the best political regime, nonetheless, Ukraine is beautiful. The nature... it is impossible to put nature's beauty in words. Beautiful is not the word to fully describe how nature is in Ukraine. Wonderful. Breathtaking. If you ever decide to visit Ukraine, don't go to the bigger cities like Kyiv or Charkov, go to the deapths of Ukraine, the small villages... that is where the true spirit of Ukraine lives. Those are the places where you breath is taken away.
No, this is not my bias opinion. This comes purely from the fact that Ukraine has the richest soil in the whole world. Ukrainian government is too stupid to use it properly thou, but it is still there, and if you ever saw Ukrainian fields... bless you, you saw how beautiful nature can be. So,  since i miss summer, let me take you with me to an early morning in the very depths of Ukraine, a peaceful field far away from the big city lives...

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The disasters of war.

'The disasters of war'

Hello, my lovelies!
I have to study like crazy right now, but you know... procrastinating is your best friend when you have an exam in a few hours. And another one the day after. And... yes, procrastinating.

In modern days it is really hard to impress me with the old traditional ways of drawing on a paper with a black pencil, because photoshop made you think out of the box and beyond galaxies with all the unlimited opportunities you have in the digital world, but just now i accidently stumbled upon an amazing modern artist, Laurie Lipton, who still uses her black pencil to draw beautiful unreal, and at the same time painfully real pictures. I love it when no words are needed, it just goes BAM and you understand the story, why, when, how... Well, this is what Laurie's picture are like. They might be too much for some, but they are strikingly terrifying yet nonetheless beautiful at the same time. Some make you think, re-think and think again. And the more you understand the drawing, the more the realness of it dwells on you. You know the saying  a picture's worth a thousand words? Here's some pictures of this talented artist who tells you real-life stories with her shockingly unreal visuals.

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Getting ready for the world end.

Erm... so tell me, when did LJ change the "post an entry" page? O_o I was confused for a few seconds there whether my laptop is being a bitch again. LJ, please stamph. Youtube was enough already. 

So, some days weeks ago was my 21st birthday~~~~! yaaaaaaay~! I am getting old! *enthusiam level: 0* -_- where the time is passing, i can't,  time, please stamph too. i already feel paranoic about my future wrinkles. Thou, i put my fate into the hands of Japanese, i strongly believe that by the time i turn 30, the Japanese will invent the YY (Youthful Youth) cream, there's already BB cream (wohooo bought a new BB cream todaaaaaaaay~) and i even heard about CC cream, so why not YY cream? BB cream already does wonders, thou by the time YY cream reaches Liuthuania i will turn 50 and i doubt YY cream will be able to even help me.. hmmmmm :/ (not kidding, BB cream came to Lithuania like... a few months ago). Anyways, i am getting old. I nag like an old lady already. Thou i did that all the time -_-

My birthday... to tell the truth, i spend my birthday sitting in my pyjamas till 6pm, cause i was watching the LIVE stream of MAMA awards and squelling like a yunjae fangirl who just saw Yunho on Jaejoong making babies. Naked. Not to mention that i squelled extra loud as if YunJae really were making babies. Naked. On my bed. when those 17 asian dudes were pelvic thrusting at the same time. 17. Holy fish i didn't even wish for this to happen even in my most perverted dreams! And i must say that Jackie Chan made the awards like... infinity number more awesome! Oh, and the apperance of Angela Baby doubled that number. Happy that PSY won so many awards! OPPA GANGNAM STYLE! The only reason i was in my pyjamas till 6pm was that later on came my mom and said that something is wrong with me. OH EM GEE i had to dress up and go to a shop -_- fml what a burden. I spend my birthday with my mom and her friend in our kitchen at the table and on chairs, that i bought all. And some people say that students are poor, bitch please. I buy furniture for my mom. Fuck logic. Anyways, it was nice.

Birthday celebrations don't stop there. Nor did they stop till now, but that is a different story. I actually took a vacation from work, because i had to work on my birthday and i love myself too much that i would spend my birthday at work. So when i came back to work after my vacation~~~~~~~~~~ my co-workers made me a birthday surprise!!! To be honest, i almost teared up. Oh fish, i actually cried late at night into my pillow in the dark because let me quote myself: "i have no life, but i have awesome friends". Literally best co-workers you could ever wish for!! We also made the most mouth-watering dinner ever at work to celebrate my birthday~~~~! Those pink roses are from a guy from another shift! He actually had a free-day but he came to visit us just so he could congratulate me!! I know, sometimes even i am envious of myself. I will also allow myself to quote myself: "i work here only because of the people" that is something i have been saying for a long time now, cause my job really sucks and i am so bored of it. But the people... i tell you, best co-workers you could ever wish for!

Also, my roommates made me the most awesomenest birthday suprise too!!! I came back to the dorm tired~ but ended up flying. But this story deserves a whole new entry for itself.

I am ending this entry with a Christmas'y feeling to it~~~ Finally saw the Christmas tree here in Vilnius,i must say, the photo doesn't give it justice, this year the government really did a good job! The Christmas tree is beautiful~~~~~! warriorofdream, this is a photo for you, because the photo of the whole cathedral was really really bad -_-" so this will do for now :P
and sorry that i am frightening you at 4am with that godzilla in the photo! Hej, godzillas have feelings too you know! Actually, it is freaking cold and i hate winter. And did i mention that i hate winter? Because i hate winter. Oh, and i hate winter. And it is 4am right now. In 5 hours i have lectures. Fuck my life choices, seriosuly. What? i just wanted to spam your f-pages. Just to remind... you know, that i am alive and so.

Hope you all are staying warm and wait for the zombie apocalypsys~~~~! *warm hugs*

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Hello, my babies~!
Has been a long time since i shared some photos~ Heck, has been a long time since i took photos, actually. Work/university is driving me crazy recently. I am so tired of everything :( But, since Autumn is coming to an end, let's remember how beautiful Autumn really is. I managed to snap a few pictures just before two days later we had our first snow! Let the beautiful carpet of fallen leaves invite you in~

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BRACE YOURSELVES! CHRISTMAS IS COMING! I CAN ALREADY SMELL ALL THE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS AT THE STORES AND SANTA HATS ON ALL OUR ICONS!! Yep, Christmas is coming! Ah~ actually, i already caught up into the Christmas mood. To be honest, i celebrated Christmas only once during my life. Literally, only one time during my 20 years of existing. And this year i decided to finally get onto the Christmas hype! and basically what is the best thing about Christmas? no, not the gifts under the Christmas tree. IT IS POSTCARDS~~~! Ah~ Christmas postcards from all around the world~ seriously, best thing ever! Who wants to receive holiday greetings from Santa Arina?? Type your address here and i will make sure that my helpful elfs check whether you were good this year or not~~! Comments are screened, so no worries! 

with holiday kisses, Arina ;*

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let the skyfall.

007, reporting for duty.

Yesterday night went to see the newest James Bond movie. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Awesome. 
For what i applaud the producers is that they understand, that James Bond is getting old. This whole craze. The whole idea of an 007 agent. The first movie was released 50 years ago. This can't go on forever, let's be honest. And this was perfectly incorporated into the movie. An aging Bond is of no use. He is old. Isn't it time to make way for the youngsters? And this is what i loved about the movie. We don't get the typical Bond plot: an indeed hot agent in a perfectly tailored suit having sex with hot girls in different countries, while kicking butt at the same time. We get some fresh air blown into the movie, but with all the James Bond traditions kept.

The characters in this one are.. superb. The villain in this one is pure genius. A mad crazy genius. This is my bias talking right now, to be quite honest, cause i have a thing for such villains, but fuck. A little bit of madness is always good. Think on your sins. 
Again, mentioning the plot, i am not going to spoil this for those who are planning to watch this, and you definitely should, but this movie has the most plot of the at least last 4 James Bond movies. It is not all about Bond even. You actually get the question "why" answered. Why "skyfall" was the most intriguing question answered, at least to me. You understand that this is a brilliant name for a brilliant movie. 
Also, what really surprised me, is that i am in looooooooooooove with the theme song. Skyfall by Adele. I can't stand listening to her and hate her really really really much. But this song sends shivers down my spine. So strong, so emotional, and so perfectly fits this movie. 

If you are not a big Bond fan, go watch this for the sake of the scenery. Rainy London and breathtaking panoramic view of Shanghai at night. The misty fields of Scotland and the always noisy Istanbul. Beautifully shot. The scenery alone deserves an Oscar.
 The plot, the characters, the scenery, the story, the lessons learned - wow, just wow. An amazing movie, and i dare to say - the best out of James Bond movies.

Bond. James Bond.
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oh wow! look who is here~~~~~ don't worry, you don't even have to clap or anything, i am used to that -_-
As much as you enjoyed your time without me, as much you can enjoy it more, cause this entry is useless. No, but seriously, the only point for this entry is because i thought that this journal shouldn't be this dead. Or should be? nah~ i need at least something to do, so livejournal is a good time waster for me~ I didn't really update cause i was really busy~ you know, phone ringing the whole day and me running from a meeting to a meeting. Not really. Thou i really was busy. And lazy. And lazy. Lazy. Oh and let me mention lazy if you didn't get it the first time. 
Anyways~ came back home over the weekend. I was here two weeks before also and i really didn't expect that 20 years of your life can change just in one step. Literally one step through the door. The word "empty" never literally meant so much as it does now. I will explain it when i finally fall into a depression. But all is good when you go out shopping thou~~~~~~~~ and basically that is the only reason of this post. 

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