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10 November 2012 @ 12:32 pm
let the skyfall.  

007, reporting for duty.

Yesterday night went to see the newest James Bond movie. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Awesome. 
For what i applaud the producers is that they understand, that James Bond is getting old. This whole craze. The whole idea of an 007 agent. The first movie was released 50 years ago. This can't go on forever, let's be honest. And this was perfectly incorporated into the movie. An aging Bond is of no use. He is old. Isn't it time to make way for the youngsters? And this is what i loved about the movie. We don't get the typical Bond plot: an indeed hot agent in a perfectly tailored suit having sex with hot girls in different countries, while kicking butt at the same time. We get some fresh air blown into the movie, but with all the James Bond traditions kept.

The characters in this one are.. superb. The villain in this one is pure genius. A mad crazy genius. This is my bias talking right now, to be quite honest, cause i have a thing for such villains, but fuck. A little bit of madness is always good. Think on your sins. 
Again, mentioning the plot, i am not going to spoil this for those who are planning to watch this, and you definitely should, but this movie has the most plot of the at least last 4 James Bond movies. It is not all about Bond even. You actually get the question "why" answered. Why "skyfall" was the most intriguing question answered, at least to me. You understand that this is a brilliant name for a brilliant movie. 
Also, what really surprised me, is that i am in looooooooooooove with the theme song. Skyfall by Adele. I can't stand listening to her and hate her really really really much. But this song sends shivers down my spine. So strong, so emotional, and so perfectly fits this movie. 

If you are not a big Bond fan, go watch this for the sake of the scenery. Rainy London and breathtaking panoramic view of Shanghai at night. The misty fields of Scotland and the always noisy Istanbul. Beautifully shot. The scenery alone deserves an Oscar.
 The plot, the characters, the scenery, the story, the lessons learned - wow, just wow. An amazing movie, and i dare to say - the best out of James Bond movies.

Bond. James Bond.
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